Saturday, July 20, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

When the Clarke Baptist Team left, Bro. Chris, Kim, Andrew, and Samuel stayed. We had a great week with the Bakers, just resting, hiking, shopping, and anything else we wanted to do!
Two weeks after we moved to Red Lodge, there was a job posted in the newspaper for a Med Tech at the local hospital - about 1 mile from our house. So I applied. On Friday, July 12, I had an interview. I was hired on the spot! We had been praying for job opportunities, and once again, God provided. The job is perfect for our family situation - I will be taking call one weekend a month and will work 2-3 days a month. I am so thankful. This same week, Caroline applied for and got a job at a local ice cream shop. On Thursday night late, July 11, the Community Care Team from Thomasville Baptist Church, Thomasville, AL arrived in Billings. They spent the night in Billings, then spent the next two days sightseeing. On Saturday night they arrived in Red Lodge. We went to the Rock Church Sunday morning in Laurel. Then Sunday afternoon, we had a time of orientation with the team.
After orientation, we went up on the west bench to look over and pray for the town of Red Lodge. We also went to the football field where we would be having the sports camp and prayed there. Monday - Thursday mornings, we met at the field and prepared for the children. The camp ran from 9-12 each morning. We registered 17 children. The team enjoyed playing with them - soccer, flag football, wiffle ball, basketball, and relays. Each day we had snacks and a devotion. On Thursday, Lee and Kevin Kaiserman from Laurel, put an awesome obstacle course together for us. We loved it!
On Monday night, we had the honor of sharing a meal with Set Free Ministries. They are from Great Falls, MT and have a wonderful ministry to troubled men. One aspect of their ministry is helping with the Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo here in Red Lodge this weekend. It was great to meet them and pray with them. The pictures also show the team prayer walking. Thursday night was our pizza blast at The Lodge. We had a great turn out of campers and parents.
Abigail and Zoe Parten from Thomasville really enjoyed the week together. I know they will be pen pals! Also, you can see our new sign for the Legacy Lodge! The most exciting thing that happened this week is that one of the children accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! Pray for us as we follow-up and reach out to this unchurched family. Also, Zoe accepted Christ on the airplane back to Alabama! God has worked in many ways this week and we are very thankful. And you had a part in it as you have prayed for us, for Red Lodge, and for our sports camp! Well, we have a few days to rest and recuperate. Thankful for busy times and times to rest. Asleep on the corner . . . .

Friday, July 5, 2013

God Bless America

July came in fast and furious.  The end of June found us still waiting to hear if the team from Clarke County, AL would be able to work at the rodeo.  We had not heard anything definite.  On Friday, June 28, we got an email explaining what the rodeo association would like us to do.  It was an answered prayer and, again, right on time.  Lee met with our contact Saturday and got the full scoop.  The Bakers arrived on Thursday, the Nelsons arrived on Saturday, and the Greens arrived on Sunday.  While walking around town earlier in the week, Lee had noticed signs asking people in the community to come and help clean up downtown Monday morning before the parades and rodeo started on Tuesday.  So after church on Sunday morning at the Rock in Laurel, we all got up early Monday morning with our Legacy t-shirts on, brooms and window cleaner in hand, and headed to Broadway (the main street in town).  We worked from 8-10 helping get the streets and shops ready for the big holiday crowd.  Broadway had been under construction ever since we moved in last month, so everything was dusty.  The shop owners and people with the Chamber of Commerce were amazed that we would come down and help.  It was a great first impression of Legacy of Faith with the town.

At 10, we went up to the rodeo arena.  We helped hang banners around the arena and stuffed the programs for all three nights.  We were told that what we helped with and were able to finish is about 3 hours normally took them all day.  Many hands make light work!

The rodeo was July 2,3,and 4.  Each day there is a parade downtown at noon.  Some from the group helped each day with  traffic control at the parade.  Then we would be at the rodeo and hour before it started.  Some would help in the concession stand, some would sell programs, and some would clean bathrooms.  We all took turns helping in different areas, and everyone had a chance to watch the rodeo, too.  The rodeo association members were so kind and generous.  It was a great experience and we hope to be allowed to help out every year.

Clarke Baptist was a great group!  The Lord really used them to minister here.  They are welcome back anytime!

What Time is It? Summertime!

The first week of June we found ourselves in a new home with lots of boxes! We began to unpack and give away or burn all the boxes. (That was my request - we had kept boxes from previous moves and I was ready to be rid of boxes) The first part of the week, Maggie traveled to Churchill, MT for summer missionary orientation. She is working with the North American Mission Board this summer as a summer missionary in Red Lodge. So she enjoyed getting to meet other college students who will be working in the state this summer. The second week of June, we had been asked to help with the community Vacation Bible School in town. Maggie, Caroline, and I helped and Colleen and Abigail participated. It was a fun week of getting to know new people and enjoying VBS.
On Thursday, June 13, Mama and Daddy flew in to help us settle in. With Lee still unable to do much, they were a great help to us. On Saturday, June 15, a mission team from First Baptist Church, Starkville, MS flew in. Our dear friends, Tom and Dinah Jenkins, led the team. Tom was my youth director at Agricola Baptist Church years ago when I was a youth. They brought a precious team of families from their church. They painted the back rooms at the Legacy Lodge and build 10 sets of bunk beds. It was a lot of fun to have them here. Abigail especially enjoyed playing with all the children they brought.
On Wednesday, I took Mama, Daddy, and Caroline to the airport in Billings. They flew back to Mississippi, packed on Thursday, and on Friday flew to Romania. The Starkville team flew out on Friday and Lee went back to the doctor. He had had a MRI on Wednesday and did, indeed, have a bulging disc. He decided to have another round of steroids and start physical therapy. Colleen and Abigail attended a community Art Camp the last week of June. They had a great time.
On Wednesday, June 26, a mission team from Wayne County, Mississippi drove up. They worked here at our house finishing two rooms that were unfinished. The ladies on the team painted our mud room and the men hung sheetrock in our laundry room. They also installed an ice maker in our refrigerator. For those of you who have to fill ice trays, you know how wonderful an ice maker is! It was a joy to get to know them and have them here for a few days.
And so, June came and went quickly! July promises to be just as exciting.