Saturday, July 20, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

When the Clarke Baptist Team left, Bro. Chris, Kim, Andrew, and Samuel stayed. We had a great week with the Bakers, just resting, hiking, shopping, and anything else we wanted to do!
Two weeks after we moved to Red Lodge, there was a job posted in the newspaper for a Med Tech at the local hospital - about 1 mile from our house. So I applied. On Friday, July 12, I had an interview. I was hired on the spot! We had been praying for job opportunities, and once again, God provided. The job is perfect for our family situation - I will be taking call one weekend a month and will work 2-3 days a month. I am so thankful. This same week, Caroline applied for and got a job at a local ice cream shop. On Thursday night late, July 11, the Community Care Team from Thomasville Baptist Church, Thomasville, AL arrived in Billings. They spent the night in Billings, then spent the next two days sightseeing. On Saturday night they arrived in Red Lodge. We went to the Rock Church Sunday morning in Laurel. Then Sunday afternoon, we had a time of orientation with the team.
After orientation, we went up on the west bench to look over and pray for the town of Red Lodge. We also went to the football field where we would be having the sports camp and prayed there. Monday - Thursday mornings, we met at the field and prepared for the children. The camp ran from 9-12 each morning. We registered 17 children. The team enjoyed playing with them - soccer, flag football, wiffle ball, basketball, and relays. Each day we had snacks and a devotion. On Thursday, Lee and Kevin Kaiserman from Laurel, put an awesome obstacle course together for us. We loved it!
On Monday night, we had the honor of sharing a meal with Set Free Ministries. They are from Great Falls, MT and have a wonderful ministry to troubled men. One aspect of their ministry is helping with the Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo here in Red Lodge this weekend. It was great to meet them and pray with them. The pictures also show the team prayer walking. Thursday night was our pizza blast at The Lodge. We had a great turn out of campers and parents.
Abigail and Zoe Parten from Thomasville really enjoyed the week together. I know they will be pen pals! Also, you can see our new sign for the Legacy Lodge! The most exciting thing that happened this week is that one of the children accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! Pray for us as we follow-up and reach out to this unchurched family. Also, Zoe accepted Christ on the airplane back to Alabama! God has worked in many ways this week and we are very thankful. And you had a part in it as you have prayed for us, for Red Lodge, and for our sports camp! Well, we have a few days to rest and recuperate. Thankful for busy times and times to rest. Asleep on the corner . . . .

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