Sunday, September 1, 2013

We Are Family

We have had a great week! Last Saturday, August 24, Lee's parents, Jim and Nancy Merck, flew in to visit. We had a whole week of showing them around Montana. We went into Yellowstone, spent a night at Chico Hot Springs, showed them around Livingston, and spent plenty of time shopping around Red Lodge and eating at Scoops (The ice cream shop where Caroline works)! The girls took the week off from school, Caroline took a few days off work, and we had a great time.
We sure missed having Maggie around for all the fun.  However, if you are friends with her on Facebook, you know she is having lots of fun there at UM!
We will get back to the grind this week, with starting back to school.  Also, all 3 girls will begin violin lessons this week, and Colleen and Abigail will be playing fall soccer.  Along with all that, we are hoping to have the foundation for the garage/mission apartment poured this week.  Please continue to pray with us that God will provide all we need for this project!

Two weeks ago, the power company came and moved the gas line that was right where the garage will be.  Now we are ready for the concrete!
Thank you for all your prayers as we are still adapting to Maggie's move to Mobile.  God has heard and is answering those prayers.

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